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Our Legacy​

Since opening our doors in 1978 in San Diego, Myriad Industries has been at the forefront of distributing top-notch laboratory and cleanroom supplies, alongside a variety of high-grade chemicals. Our journey over the past decades has been marked by a relentless commitment to exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.​

At the core of groundbreaking research and advanced biotechnological development lies the need for precision, reliability, and innovation. Myriad Industries embodies these principles, serving as a pivotal supplier of high-grade laboratory essentials, cleanroom supplies, and specialized chemicals tailored for the scientific community. 

Our clients range from avant-garde biotech startups to esteemed academic research institutions, high-tech manufacturers to clinical and industrial laboratories. We understand the intricacies of your work, and our commitment to facilitating your scientific endeavors has only strengthened with time. Dive into our world – where science meets service excellence.​ ​ ​

What We Do​

At Myriad Industries, we specialize in a comprehensive range of products tailored for biotechnology, academic research, high-tech manufacturing, clinical, and industrial laboratories.

Our offerings include:​

  • Vendor Managed Inventory Programs: Streamlining your supply chain for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.​
  • Cell Culture Supplies: Providing a variety of cell culture dishes and related equipment.​ 
  • Chemicals: Offering a range of solvents in ACS/USP grade, HPLC/HRGC, and sterile options.​
  • Controlled Environment Gear: Supplying critical environment apparel such as boot covers and coveralls.​
  • Drug Discovery & Genomics: Equipping labs with PCR plasticware and sealing products.​
  • Gloves: Diverse types for critical environments, industrial, and laboratory use.​
  • Laboratory Equipment: From digital dry baths to high-speed microcentrifuges.​

Our Locations​

We have expanded our reach with branches in both San Diego and Tempe, Arizona, ensuring that our clients across these regions receive prompt and efficient services.​

San Diego Branch: 3454 E Street, San Diego, CA 92102​

Phone: 619-232-6700​

Fax: 619-232-4819​

Email: [email protected]

Arizona Branch: 402 South Perry Lane, Suite #4, Tempe, Arizona 85281​

Phone: 619-232-6700​

Fax: 619-232-4819​

Email: [email protected]

Why Choose Us?​

Choosing Myriad Industries means partnering with a company that values your needs and provides tailored solutions. Our long-standing history, diverse product range, and commitment to customer service make us a reliable partner in your scientific and laboratory endeavors.​ ​ ​

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