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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries At Myriad Industries, we understand that each industry has unique requirements. Our extensive experience and comprehensive product range allow us to cater to the diverse needs of various sectors. Explore how our specialized solutions can benefit your industry.


Product Range: Offering a wide array of laboratory supplies specifically designed for biotechnological research and development.

Custom Solutions: Providing custom solutions for unique biotechnological applications.

Industry Expertise: Leveraging our expertise to support groundbreaking biotech research.

Academic Research

Educational Discounts: Special pricing for educational institutions to support academic research. 

Wide Product Selection: Supplying everything from basic lab equipment to advanced research tools.

Collaborations: Opportunities for collaborative research and educational partnerships.

High-Tech Manufacturing

Cleanroom Supplies: A comprehensive range of supplies designed for high-tech cleanroom environments.

Product Reliability: Ensuring high-quality and reliable products for precision manufacturing needs.

Technical Support: Offering expert advice and technical support for manufacturing challenges.

Clinical Laboratories

Diagnostic Tools: Supplying advanced diagnostic tools and equipment for clinical testing.

Regulatory Compliance: Products that meet the stringent regulatory standards of clinical environments.

Efficient Supply Chain: Streamlined ordering and delivery processes to ensure timely availability of supplies.

Industrial Laboratories 

Durable Equipment: Robust and durable laboratory equipment suitable for industrial applications.

Safety Focus: Emphasizing safety and compliance in all our industrial laboratory products.

Customized Orders: Ability to customize orders to meet specific industrial laboratory needs.

Environmental Testing 

Testing Supplies: Providing a range of supplies for environmental sampling and testing.

Sustainable Practices: Emphasizing environmentally sustainable products and practices.

Expert Consultation: Access to our experts for guidance on environmental testing methodologies.

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